Are you contemplating introducing the Feng Shui positive energy into your home, but kind of curious on what the demands would be? Well, there’s absolutely nothing to worry yourself about, for it isn’t rocket science to Feng Shui your home.

Just so you know, you couldn’t have made a smarter decision, and that’s why this article will spell out to you very simple tips that you could apply to Feng Shui your home. So we urge you to fasten your seat belt, and let’s dive right in.

Fix Your Doors

Feng Shui involves resonating positivity around your home, which will invariably rob off on you. If the door of your apartment keeps squeaking, then you should fix that up asap. Don’t forget that a faulty door hinge will keep making that squeaky noise that can be very annoying.

But all the door is clamoring for is to be greased, so before you allow yourself get all worked up, is it not great to just lubricate the hinges so you avoid the unpleasant noise it produces as you make to eave in the morning or return later at night? The idea is to ensure you don’t have anything in your home spelling negative emotion.

The Entry Door not Exit Door

Most times going through the back door seem more comfy, but according to the Feng Shui principle you are resonating negative energy. It is believed that the entry door depicts how chi passes into your home, as such consistently ignoring its usage, could have unpleasant experiences or negative emotion dispelled. So it’s advisable that you pass through the entry door, and plan to make it a routine.

Water Signifies Wealth

There have been questions on where should be the exact place where a fountain is placed in the home. It is expedient to note that the Feng Shui sees the water element as symbolic of wealth and advises that it be placed near the entry of your home, possibly at the inside or outside. But the key is that the water should be flowing towards the centre of your home; this is symbolic of wealth being poured into your home according to the Feng Shui principle.

Water Leaves through the Bathroom

The Feng Shui principle advises that the bathroom door remains shut since water from your home finds its way out through the bathroom. When you bath and flush water leaves, and since water depicts wealth, it’s advisable to always keep this door shut to prevent water in the home from flowing out through here.

Clean your windows

The windows represent your eyes to the world, and so you would want to see all that the universe has in store for you. An unclean window will definitely hamper that. So get right down to it.

Clear off Unnecessary baggage

There nothing that’s more frustrating than a home that’s littered with unwanted baggage. Take time out and rid yourself of old furniture, household items, luggage, clothing, etc. that are no longer useful. Doing this has a way of bringing in new vibes into your home. If you have to burn them or give the excess baggage away, don’t hesitate to do just that.

In Conclusion

Feng Shui is not much about religion as it is with applying basic common sense so as to make the most of your life on the earth. Negative emotions springing up left, right, and centre can cause ill health that could shorten your life span. To avoid that, simply be more intentional about the basic things you put in place to resonates positive feeling in your universe.

Why put on a TV in a bedroom that is meant to depict a place of quiet and rest? Some of the little adjustments we make in our lives by applying the Feng Shui will ultimately improve our lives and our relationships with others.