We are consistently open to offering advice to our customers and prospects on the Feng Shui principles. So whether you are looking to build a house or acquire a land, you can trust us to give you the classic Feng Shui advice on what you need.

Feng Shui clearly communicates that everything in our world, from objects to communities can be positioned in a way that it maximizes universal energy. And that’s what we project as we go source for a site to erect a structure or construct a house.

We strongly embrace the Feng Shui principle that is based on the fact that our universe is made up of two opposing forces that are constantly contradicting themselves, yet so intertwined. The Yin and the Yang forces are especially important determinants in our constructions and approach to designs. It is believed that by imbibing good Feng Shui, an active, balanced, and positive energy is resonated in homes, business environment, and overall wellbeing.

In all of this, it is important that one realizes that the Feng Shui principle clearly goes beyond interior decoration, but anchored more on intention. There’s no telling that some of the bad energy, anger, and commotion we experience in our everyday lives are occurrences we invite into our lives without even knowing it. So Feng Shui helps us get intentional with what we allow into our lives, and what we insist cannot stay.

It is a consciousness that must be embraced if you are to make the most of the Feng Shui assertions. It often always comes out perfect if followed judiciously.

The Feng Shui Guide for Choosing Location for Your Home

In considering building your new home, choosing the right location in line with the Feng Shui is an absolutely smart step. So before you settle for a building site, you could get a Feng Shui expert come check it out and give you an analysis.

However, if you weigh the cost and feel it will be way off your budget, then you could embrace some of the following Feng Shui principles: the land surrounding your homes is way more important than the interior. Your backyard should be on a higher pedestal than the front yard. The left side of your home is meant to be higher than the right. Avoid getting a site that is positioned on street intersections, skyscrapers or tall buildings, church steeples, etc. Avoid sites that are around places that generate negative energy such as graveyards, hospitals, prisons, garbage dumps, etc. Avoid sites that are positioned at the end of the street. Cul-de-sac lots are a no go area as well.

Albeit if you find yourself in a position where you can’t avoid acquiring a site in any of these places, then there a couple of things you could do to redirect the negative energy after you make a purchase. You can apply berm plantings, water features, walls, etc.